What To Bring And Expect


What to bring to your next visit:

- Bring any and all reports and pertinent information from previous physicians.

- Be prepared to discuss when and how the problem started, what makes the problem worse or better, treatments you have tried so far and how they have worked and any other information you believe to be relevant.

- Any notes regarding comments or questions you would want to ask the doctor.

If your health insurance requires a referral prior to treatment, please obtain one.

- Bring your insurance card.

Appointment Preparation

We offer quality health care services for patients throughout Rhode Island and the United States. We want our patients to feel welcome and prepared for their initial visit.

On your first visit, you will:

- Be welcomed by a friendly staff member.

- There are a few short forms of paperwork.

- Then you will consult with the doctor.

- If appropriate, we proceed with the examination.

- Any needed test (lab, X-ray, MRI, etc.) will be ordered.

- We don't proceed with treatment until we know what your problem is and you understand how we plan to treat it.

For more information on our services, call us at 401-294- 9550 today!

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